RMA Management

How to create, retrieve and update RMA (e.g. refund and replacement), as well as how to issue a courtesy refund.

RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) is a return transaction that seller would expect a return shipment from customer in exchange for refund or replacement. However, seller’s may issue refund even if a return shipment is not received (mark auto receive, see details below).

Simple RMA flow goes as follows:

  • Issue RMA > Receive RMA > Process Refund / Replacement.
  • Replacement will appear as a new order in order list.

If Auto Received marked as yes:

  • Issue RMA > Process Refund (not applicable to RMA Replacement type).
  • Please consult with Newegg Integration team for details on how auto-receiving RMA works.

Courtesy Refund is a refund transaction that seller would not expect a return shipment from customer. It is normally a refund for reasons such as Pricing Error.

Note: Please make sure that the courtesy refund should not be used as regular refund.  Courtesy refund will NOT result in commission refund to seller.

Function  Available for Platform(s) Description
Submit RMA All Issue a Refund or Replacement RMA for an invoiced order.
Edit RMA All Edit existing RMA.
Reject RMA All Reject existing RMA.
Receive RMA All Receive existing RMA.
Get RMA Information All Get RMA information by specified query conditions.
Issue Courtesy Refund All Submit a Courtesy Refund Request.
Get Courtesy Refund Request Status All Get the status of specified courtesy refund request by specified query conditions.
Get Courtesy Refund Information All Get the specified courtesy refund information by specified query conditions.

Last updated: October 15, 2018