Get Item Price

Tracking the price related information of items.

Resource URL

This operation is designed for and{sellerid}{sellerid}

Note: Please make sure your request URL is all in lower case (except for Seller ID) and cannot contain any blank spaces or line breaks.


Name Required? Description
sellerid Yes Your seller ID on Newegg Marketplace

Resource Information

HTTP Method Authentication? Request Formats Response Formats Rate Limited?
POST Required XML, Json XML, Json 10,000 request per hour

Request Body

Attribute Required? Format Description
Type Yes String Available values:

  • 0: NE Item#
  • 1: Seller Part#
  • 2: UPC Code
Value Yes String A string according to a given inquiry type.
Condition No Integer Available values:

  • 1: New
  • 2: Refurbished
  • 3: Used – Like New
  • 4: Used – Very Good
  • 5: Used – Good
  • 6: Used – Acceptable


  • Only applies if type = [2-UPC code]. If type does not = [2-UPC code], then this column will be disregarded.
  • If left blank, default value will be 1: New.

Schema: GetItemPriceRequest.xsd

Example: XML, Request

Authorization: 720ddc067f4d115bd544aff46bc75634
SecretKey: 21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D
Content-Type: application/xml
Accept: application/xml


Example: Json, Request

Authorization: 720ddc067f4d115bd544aff46bc75634
SecretKey: 21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json

    "Type": "1",
    "Value": "A006testitem201201021459"

Response Body

Attribute Format Description
SellerID String Your seller ID
ItemNumber String Newegg Item#
SellerPartNumber String Seller Part#
MAP Decimal Minimum Advertised Price

If the Selling Price is below the defined MAP, website will ask customer to add item to shopping cart to see the item’s price.

CheckoutMAP Integer Available values:

  • 0: False
  • 1: True


  • If Checkout MAP is marked as True, then the website will ask customer to add item to shopping cart AND go to checkout page to see the item’s price.The MAP value will not be considered.
  • If this field is marked as true, it doesn’t matter if the selling price is above or below MAP, the customer will always need to add item to cart and go to checkout to see item’s price.
  • If MAP is greater than 0.00 and CheckoutMAP is left blank, by default CheckoutMAP will equal False.
SellingPrice Decimal The actual selling price
EnableFreeShipping Integer Available values:

  • 0: Default
  • 1: Free Shipping
OnPromotion Integer, separated by comma Available values:

  • 0: No active Promotion
  • 1: Active promotion with Price Lock
  • 2: Active Promotion with Promotion Code
  • 3: Active promotion with Auto Add To Cart
  • 4: Active Promotion with Combo
  • 5: Active Promotion with Volume Discount
ShipByNewegg Integer Available values:

  • 0: ShipBySeller
  • 1: ShipByNewegg
Active Integer Available values:

  • 0: Inactive
  • 1: Active
LimitQuantity Integer Limit quantity represents the maximum quantity this item can be purchased by a customer within a 48 hour time period. The maximum value is 500. Note if the value is:

  • 0: System will delete the existing value
  • null: No update

Schema: GetItemPriceResponse.xsd

Example: XML, Response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

Example: Json, Response

    "Active": "0",
    "ItemNumber": "9SIA0060884598",
    "SellerID": "A006",
    "SellerPartNumber": "A006testitem201201021459",
    "ShipByNewegg": "1",
    "EnableFreeShipping": "1",
    "MAP": 25.99,
    "CheckoutMAP": 0,
    "OnPromotion": "1,5",
    "SellingPrice": 20.92,
    "LimitQuantity": 1

Request Failure Errors

For common HTTP error responses, please refer to Failed Response Error Code List.

Error Code Description
CT001 Invalid ItemNumber
CT002 Invalid SellerPartNumber
CT003 Invalid UPCCode
CT005 Invalid Action Type. We only support: 0 – NE Item#, 1 – Seller Parts#, 2 – UPC Code
CT010 Cannot find item with specified item condition.
CT026 Can’t find this item in the system, please create it first

Example: XML, Response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <Message>Invalid SellerPartNumber</Message>

Example: Json, Response

        "Code": "CT002",
        "Message": "Invalid SellerPartNumber"

Last updated: August 28, 2020