Newegg Marketplace SDK

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Newegg Marketplace SDK is a library of tool for integrating with Newegg Marketplace platforms. You can apply these tools in your applications for developing and managing Newegg Marketplace operations. SDK library is available in .NET and Java.

Our SDK is built on the top of Newegg API services. Before using the SDK to communicate with Newegg API, you must be a registered seller then sign up for API access. Please visit Newegg Marketplace Seller Portal to request API credentials. Review the Seller Help Guide to learn about detailed instruction. Please note: You can test in Simulation Mode without API credentials.

The SDK contains tools to access the following API operations:

Core Operations:

Add-on Services:



Newegg Marketplace SDK helps programmers easily integrate their application with the Newegg Marketplace API. Included are definitions for the data objects models to create the requests and response, the API supports retry mechanism and asynchronous API call. It also provides Multiple levels of Logs, Multiple Logs targets support. The SDK can keep the credentials of the API for you, help you to handle the exception from the API, and it supports simulate calling for the testing too.

SDK Installation:

You can download the following SDK for supported languages.

.Net (C#):


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