SBN (Shipped by Newegg) Management

The SBN (Shipped by Newegg) Management service group is designed to help you send your inventory to one of Newegg’s warehouse. Once your inventory is in a Newegg’s warehouse, you will be able to sell your items on Newegg, or you can sell the products on different channels then use Shipped by Newegg to ship your orders.

Function  Available for Platform(s) Description
Get Inbound Shipment Plan Suggestion All want to send to Newegg warehouse.
Submit Create Inbound Shipment Request All Submit a new inbound shipment request based on the information that was returned by Get Inbound Shipment Plan Suggestion.
Submit Void Inbound Shipment Request All Submit a request to Newegg for voiding existing shipment.
Get Inbound Shipment Status Request All Get the status of specified inbound shipment.
Get Inbound Shipment Request Result All Get the processing result of a specified inbound shipment request.
Get Inbound Shipment List All Get the inbound shipment list of a specified Shipment ID or certain time period.
Get Warehouse List All Get the available information of Newegg’s warehouses.

Last updated: October 15, 2018