Seller Management

The Seller Management service group contains functions that will allow you to get reference information you may need to use some of the functions in Newegg API.

Function  Available for Platform(s) Description
Get Industry List All Get the list of industry that is currently on Newegg Marketplace. Response contains Industry Code and Industry Name.
Get Subcategory Status All Get the subcategory status for the specified seller account. Subcategory is either enabled or not enabled for a seller.
Get Subcategory Status for International Country Get the subcategory eligibility for a seller on international country. Subcategory is either enabled or not enabled for a seller.
Download Feed Schema All Download the schema of specified feed type. You can download schema files for Item Creation, Inventory Update or Order Shipping.
Get Subcategory Properties All Get the subcategory properties for the specified subcategory.
Get Subcategory Property Values All Get the subcategory property value for the specified property.
Seller Status Check All Get the seller account status.   Additional for, it includes the seller’s warehouse location and shipping destination information.

Last updated: October 15, 2018