Newegg Shipping Label Service

Newegg Marketplace sellers can take advantage of discounted shipping rates by using the Newegg Shipping Label Service for orders from Newegg Marketplace.

Note: To enable this service please go to Newegg Seller Portal > SBN/Logistics > Enroll Newegg Shipping Label Service.

Function Available for Platform(s) Description
Shipping Label Request for Newegg Orders- New All Confirm/ship Newegg Marketplace orders using Newegg Shipping Label Services.
Shipping Label Estimate Request for Newegg Orders- New All Request estimation of the shipping cost for the Newegg Marketplace order using Newegg Shipping Label Service.
Shipping Label Reprint Request- New All Reprint the shipping labels and package lists for confirmed orders.

Last updated: June 8, 2021