Newegg Shipping Label Service

Newegg marketplace sellers can take advantage of discounted shipping rates by using the Newegg Shipping Label Service for Newegg Marketplace orders.

Note: To enable this service please go to Newegg Seller Portal > Add-on Services, for more details please review our Newegg Shipping Label Service Guide.

Function Available for Platform(s) Description
Submit Shipping Request, Submit the shipping request for your Newegg order to receive the estimation of shipping cost using Newegg Shipping Label Service.
Get Shipping Request Detail, Retrieving the processing result of Submit Shipping Request.
Confirm Shipping Request, Once a shipping estimate is available, you must confirm it when you are ready to ship.
Void Shipping Request, An unconfirmed shipping request is applicable for void using this function.
Get Package List, When you are ready to ship an order, you can request a packge list using this function.
Get Shipping Labels, When you are ready to ship an order, you can request a shipping label for a confirmed shipping request.

Last updated: October 15, 2018