Get Inbound Shipment List

Get the inbound shipment list of a specified Shipment ID or certain time period.

Resource URL{sellerid}{sellerid}

Note: Please make sure your request URL is all in lower case (except for Seller ID) and cannot contain any blank spaces or line breaks.


Name Required? Description
sellerid Yes Your seller ID on Newegg Marketplace

Resource Information

HTTP Method Authentication? Request Formats Response Formats Rate Limited?
PUT Required XML, Json XML, Json 500 request per hour

Request Body

Attribute Required? Format Description
OperationType Yes String Fixed values: GetShipmentListRequest
PageIndex Yes Integer Current page index, default is 1.
PageSize Yes Integer How many records in a page, max is 100 per page.
KeywordsType No Integer Available values:

0:All (Default)
1:Shipment ID
2:Newegg Item Number
3:Seller Part Number

KeywordsValue No String The keywords value of the specified type
Status No Integer Available values:

0:All (Default)
4:Partially Received
5:Manually closed

LastUpdateDateFrom No String Get all shipments whose last update date starts from this date (Pacific Standard Time).
Please refer to the Acceptable Date Format
Note: If both LastUpdateDateFrom and LastUpdateDateTo are empty, system will use last 30 days instead.
LastUpdateDateTo No String Get all shipments whose last update date ends from this date (Include this day) (Pacific Standard Time).
Please refer to the Acceptable Date Format

Schema: GetShipmentListRequest.xsd

Example: XML, Request

Authorization: 720ddc067f4d115bd544aff46bc75634
SecretKey: 21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D
Content-Type: application/xml
Accept: application/xml


Example: Json, Request

Authorization: 720ddc067f4d115bd544aff46bc75634
SecretKey: 21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json

    "OperationType": "GetShipmentListRequest",
    "RequestBody": {
        "PageInfo": {
            "PageIndex": 1,
            "PageSize": 10
        "KeywordsType": 1,
        "KeywordsValue": "2740139",
        "Status": 0,
        "LastUpdateDateFrom": "01/01/2013",
        "LastUpdateDateTo": "07/07/2013"

Response Body

Attribute Format Description
IsSuccess String Get feed status operation:

True: Successful
False: Not successful

OperationType String Fixed value: GetShipmentListResponse
SellerID String Your seller ID
ShipmentID String Shipment ID
Status String Shipment’s status:

Creating: Shipment is creating at backend.
Preparing: User can work on shipment.
Ready to ship: Shipment is ready to ship.
Shipped: Shipment has been shipped out.
Partially Received: Warehouse received a part of shipment.
Received: Warehouse received whole shipment already.
Void: Shipment has been voided.
Manually closed: shipment is manually closed which is over 3 month and still no received.

CreateDate String Shipment create date
LastEditDate String Last edit date
ShipFrom String Ship from name, default value: seller’s store name
ShipToWarehouseCode String Ship to warehouse code

Currently available Newegg warehouse code in united states:

06. -Tennessee Bulk Warehouse
07. -California Small Warehouse
08. -California Bulk Item Warehouse
10. -New Jersey Bulk Warehouse
14. -New Jersey Small Warehouse

ShipToAddress1 String Ship to address 1
ShipToAddress2 String Ship to address 2
ShipToCityName String Ship to city name
ShipToStateCode String Ship to state code
ShipToZipCode String Ship to zip code
ShipToCountryCode String Ship to country code
ShippingMethodCode Integer The shipping method you specified for this shipment.
1: Small Parcel Delivery (Individual boxes: consist of units packed in individual boxes and individually labeled for delivery)
2: Less Than Truckload (LTL, Pallets, Shipment at least 150 lbs:shipment combines individual boxes on pallets for delivery)
ShippingCarrierCode Integer The shipping carrier you used for this shipment.

If ShippingMethodCode = 1:
101: DHL
102: FedEx
103: UPS
104: USPS
105: Newegg Partnered Carrier(UPS)
99: Other

If ShippingMethodCode = 2:
99: Other

OtherCarrierName String The shipping carrier name you provided if ShippingCarrierCode = 99.
TrackingNumber String The number for tracking your package.
PackageWeight Decimal Package weight
PackageLength Decimal Package length
PackageHeight Decimal Package height
PackageWidth Decimal Package width
SellerPartNumber String The item’s seller part number, used to identify item in Newegg.
Quantity Integer Item’s quantity
NumberofPackage Integer Number of package labels

Schema: GetShipmentListResponse.xsd

Example: XML, Response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
                <Status>Ready to ship</Status>
                <CreateDate>06/06/2013 17:02:31</CreateDate>
                <LastEditDate>06/07/2013 11:31:00</LastEditDate>
                <ShipToAddress1>45 Patrick Ave., Dock 9-17</ShipToAddress1>

Example: Json, Response

    "IsSuccess": true,
    "OperationType": "GetShipmentListResponse",
    "SellerID": "A006",
    "ResponseBody": {
        "ShipmentList": [
                "ShipmentID": "2740139",
                "Status": "Ready to ship",
                "CreateDate": "06/06/2013 17:02:31",
                "LastEditDate": "06/07/2013 11:31:00",
                "ShipFrom": "Test_MKTPLS'K_",
                "ShipToWarehouseCode": "14",
                "ShipToAddress1": "45 Patrick Ave., Dock 9-17",
                "ShipToCityName": "Edison",
                "ShipToStateCode": "NJ",
                "ShipToZipCode": "08837",
                "ShipToCountryCode": "USA",
                "ShippingMethodCode": 0,
                "ShippingCarrierCode": 99,
                "OtherCarrierName": "1",
                "PackageList": [
                        "TrackingNumber": "1",
                        "PackageWeight": 0,
                        "PackageLength": 0,
                        "PackageHeight": 0,
                        "PackageWidth": 0
                "ItemList": [
                        "SellerPartNumber": "Ss0120121228065937386",
                        "Quantity": 36,
                        "NumberofPackage": 2
                        "SellerPartNumber": "SS0120130516683100755",
                        "Quantity": 9,
                        "NumberofPackage": 3

Request Failure Errors

For common HTTP error responses, please refer to Failed Response Error Code List.

Last updated: October 15, 2018