Update Group Info

Update group(s) basic information.

Resource URL

Newegg.com: https://api.newegg.com/marketplace/sponsoredmgmt/campaign/group/update?sellerid={sellerid}

Note: Please make sure your request URL is all in lower case (except for Seller ID) and cannot contain any blank spaces or line breaks.


Name Required? Description
sellerid Yes Your seller ID on Newegg Marketplace

Resource Information

HTTP Method Authentication? Request Formats Response Formats Rate Limited?
POST Required Json Json 1000 request per hour

Request Body

Attribute Required? Format Description
sellerName Yes String Your seller Name
sellerId Yes String Your seller ID
platformCode No String platform Country Code
languageCode No String language Code
campaignNumber Yes Integer The identifier of the campaign
groupList groupNumber Yes Integer The identifier of the ad group
groupName Yes String The name of the ad group, maximum200 characters

And the group Name of the same campaign under each Seller cannot be repeated

activeStatus No Enum Available values:

  • Active
  • Inactive

If the value is not passed, it means that the Status is not requested to be updated

defaultBid No Decimal default amount to bid
headline logo No String Logo file’s name
title No String The Head Lines entered by the UI is displayed below the Seller Logo
headline No String UI’s Name
landingPageType No Integer Available values:

  • 0:  newegg store
  • 1:   newegg landing page input by the seller
landingPageUrlString No String newegg store url or newegg landing page url entered by seller
video videofile No String video file’s URL
offSiteBid No Decimal off-site bid amount

Example: Json, Request

POST https://api.newegg.com/marketplace/sponsoredmgmt/campaign/group/update?sellerid={sellerid}
Authorization: 720ddc067f4d115bd544aff46bc75634
SecretKey: 21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json

  "sellerName": "Big Ant's Store",
  "sellerId": "APNG",
  "platformCode": "USA",
  "languageCode": "zh-cn",
  "campaignNumber": 1166682,
  "groupList": [
      "groupNumber": 1166683,
      "groupName": "zwf",
      "activeStatus": "Active",
      "defaultBid": 1,
      "headline": null,
      "video": null,
      "offSiteBid": 0.5

Response Body

biz code Integer Available values:

  • 016:  update group status success
  • 024: group name repeated
msg String Return message

Example: Json, Response

  "header": [
      "msg": "batch change group info success",
      "bizCode": "016"

Last updated: June 29, 2022