Attribute Required? Format Description
OperationType Yes String Fixed value:
ActionType Yes Integer 0: Create Warranty
1: Update Warranty
2: Delete Warranty
ItemManufacturerWarrantyID No Integer Warranty ID. When updating and deleting warranty, if warranty id is 0,we will find the warranty by SellerPartNumber and CountryCode.
SellerPartNumber Yes String Seller Part #
PartsDay No Integer Parts Day, 0-99999. You can set Parts Days as “99999” to indicate a lifetime warranty.
LaborDay No Integer Labor Day, 0-99999. You can set Labor Days as “99999” to indicate a lifetime warranty.
ServiceProvider Yes Integer Service Provider Name
Yes String Warranty support email address.
ProviderSupportURL No String Warranty support URL
ProviderCustomerServicePhone Yes String Warranty Customer Service phone number. Please use the NANP phone number format.
Example: 234-235-5678.
CountryCode Yes String Ship to country. Fixed value: USB
ApplyToAllCountryCode Yes Boolean Fixed value: false.