WHI Supported Newegg Subcategories

List of Newegg Subcategories that is supported by WHI.

Subcategory ID Subcategory Name
5013 Filters and PCV
5014 Tune-Up and Ignition Parts
5015 Ignition Connectors and Hardware
5016 Spark Plugs and Glow Plugs
5017 Ignition Wires, Boots and Misc
5018 Computers and Relays
5019 Distributor and Components
5020 Ignition/Filters Specifications
5021 Belts, Tensioners and Pulleys
5022 Engine Coolant and Bypass Hoses
5023 Heater and Other Hoses
5024 Water Pump, Fan Blade and Clutch
5025 Thermostat, Housing and Radiator Cap
5026 Sensors, Switches and Relays
5027 Radiator and Electric Fan Motor
5028 Belt Routing Guide
5029 Batteries and Related Components
5030 Battery Cables, Terminals and Components
5031 Alternator, Generator and Voltage Regulator
5032 Starter Motors
5033 Alternator Parts
5034 Starter Motor Parts
5035 Starter Solenoid, Ignition Switch/Lock and Relay
5036 Miscellaneous Electrical Parts
5037 Engine Gaskets, Seals and Hardware
5038 Camshaft, Lifters and Timing Parts
5039 Engine Heater Parts
5040 Engine/Transmission Mounts and Parts
5041 Heads, Manifolds, Gaskets, Seals and Hardware
5042 Rocker and Push Rod
5043 Engines and Kits
5044 Crankshaft and Bearings
5045 Cylinder Head Intake and Exhaust Valves, Components
5046 Vacuum and Oil Pump, Components and Hardware
5047 Pistons, Rings and Rods
5048 Engine Block Parts
5049 Driveshaft, U-Joint and CV Axles and Boots
5050 Spindle/Knuckle, Hub and Components
5051 Transmission Parts
5052 Transmission Service Kits, Gaskets and Components
5053 Electronics, Sensors, Relays, Misc.
5054 Axle and Differential Gaskets
5055 Automatic Transmission Seals
5056 Manual Transmission Seals
5057 Automatic Transmission Bearings
5058 Manual Transmission Bearings
5059 Axle and Differential Parts
5060 Transfer Case, Seals, Gaskets and Bearings
5061 Drivetrain Specifications
5062 Shocks, Struts, Mounts, Boots and Hardware
5063 Shock Kits, Boots, Relays and Accessories
5064 Steering Linkages, Rods, Arms and Hardware
5065 Ball Joints, Control Arms and Hardware
5066 Sway Bar, Strut Rod and Hardware
5067 Power Steering Pumps, Hoses, Kits, Switches, Connectors
5068 Rack and Pinion, Gear Box and Power Cylinders
5069 Wheel Alignment Kits and Tools
5070 Coil Springs and Components
5071 King Pin and Other Chassis Parts
5072 Steering and Suspension Specifications
5073 All Exhaust and Diagrams
5074 Interior and Steering Wheel
5075 Lift/Lowering Kits and Roll Bars
5076 Truck, SUV and 4WD Accessories
5077 TPMS Sensors, Wheel Studs, Nuts and Hardware
5078 Louvers, Visors and Deflectors
5079 Hitch and Towing
5080 Bumper and License Plate Hardware
5081 Tools, Jacks, Hardware and Repair Manuals
5082 Bed and Tailgate Parts
5083 Body, Hood and Fender Parts
5084 Bug, Grill and Brush Guards
5085 Car Covers and Floor Mats
5086 Front Brake Pads, Shoes, Drums and Rotors
5087 Rear Brake Pads, Shoes, Drums and Rotors
5088 Front Calipers, Wheel Cylinders, Brake Hoses and Hardware
5089 Rear Calipers, Wheel Cylinders and Brake Hoses
5090 Front Brake Hardware and ABS Sensors
5091 Rear Brake Hardware and ABS Sensors
5092 Front Wheel Bearings and Seals
5093 Rear Wheel Bearings and Seals
5094 Brake Cables, Wheel Studs, Nuts and Spindles
5095 Master Cylinders, Brake Boosters and Switches
5096 ABS Controls and Parts
5097 Disc Brake Hardware
5098 Drum Brake Hardware
5099 Brake Hydraulics and Specifications
5100 Emission Sensors, Relays, Solenoids and Switches
5101 Emissions, EGR Valves, Hardware and Components
5102 Fuel Injection, Sensors, Relays and Switches
5103 Fuel Pumps, Tanks, Fittings and Hardware
5104 Emissions and Air Pump Parts
5105 Diesel and Fuel Injection Components
5106 Carb Kits and Components
5107 Carb Choke, Solenoid and Relay
5108 Misc Fuel Injection Parts
5109 Turbo, Supercharger and Components
5110 AC Compressors, Kits and Parts
5111 AC Clutch and Parts
5112 AC Hose Assemblies and Fittings
5113 AC Relays and Switches
5114 Accumulator, Receiver Drier and Valves
5115 Auto Temp Control Power Module
5116 Condensers, Evaporators and Components
5117 Gaskets, O-Rings and Kits
5118 Heater Cores, Heater Valves, Switches and Sensors
5119 Blower Motors, Resistors and Parts
5120 Individual Gaskets and Seals
5121 Individual Exhaust Parts
5122 Boxed Exhaust Kits
5123 Catalytic Converter, Integrated Manifold, Gaskets & Hardware
5124 Clutch Hydraulics
5125 Exhaust Manifolds, Headers, and Hardware
5126 Clutch Kits and Components
5127 Clutch Misc Parts and Hardware
5128 Transmission Flywheel, Flexplate and Components
5129 Headlamps, Flashers and Hardware
5130 Wiper Blades, Arms and Refills
5131 Exterior Lamps, Hardware and Connectors
5132 Interior Lamps and Connectors
5133 Instrument Panel Lamps and Connectors
5134 Wiper Motor, Washer Pumps and Hardware
5135 Lighting Relays, Sensors and Connectors
5136 Fuses and Fusible Links
5137 Lighting Modules, Switches and Connectors
5138 Caps
5139 Switches, Relays and Misc Parts
5140 Auto Cables
5141 Lift Supports
5142 Electrical Motors
5143 Wheel Hardware and TPMS
5144 Automotive Gauges
5145 Cruise Control Parts
5146 Door, Window and Tailgate Parts
5147 Hood and Tailgate Parts
5148 Auto Glass and Parts
5149 Airbag and Seat Belt Parts
5150 Beds, Tailgates and Parts
5151 Hoods, Fenders and Body Parts
5152 Bumpers and License Plates
5153 Engine and Transmission Fluid and Additives
5154 Brake, Steering and Drivetrain Fluid and Additives
5155 Air Conditioning Refrigerant and Additives
5156 Cooling System Antifreeze and Additives
5157 Waxes and Cleaners
5158 Body Supplies and Related Components
5159 Treatments, Fluids, Additives, Sealers and Conditioners
5160 Car Electronics, Mirrors, Antennas and Misc